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Video of the performance of my "Albumblätter" for Piano by Eliza McCarthy at the "Occupy The Pianos" Festival, June 2014! - with John Strieder and Eliza McCarthy and Amok Retsulk Diov
John Strieder - Albumblätter (performed by Eliza McCarthy)
Albumblätter for Piano: Grave, Misterioso, Mesto, Marcato. Performed by Eliza McCarthy at the "Occupy The Pianos" Festival, UK. Full Programme: Jonathan Harv...
2014-IS5Y1 format: 30x40 mixed media on canvas
Review of my "4 erloschene Bilder" for Guitar Solo at! - - with John Strieder and Carlos Eduardo Bojarski
This Week’s Tracks
This evening, the tracks are from Germany, or else about that country. To begin with, a set of “Vier Erloschene Bilder” by a young experimental-minded composer in Berlin, John Strieder – a quadripa...
Thanks for 666 likes at John Strieder, Composer/Artist ! \m/ -
HD Video from my latest premiere: "obscured light" (2014), performed by XelmYa at Sonic Festival 3.0! - with John Strieder and Sylvia Hinz ( Sylvia Hinz - Recorder ).
John Strieder - obscured light "obscured light" for Bass Recorder, Violin and Violoncello. Video of the premiere at Sonic 3.0 Festiva...
... after the premiere of my piece "obscured light" (2014) - video soon! ;) ... photo by Kaj Duncan David
HD Video from my latest premiere: "message II" (2014), performed by Shasta Ellenbogen at Sonic Festival - with John Strieder
John Strieder - message II My latest premiere: "message II" (2014) for Viola Solo. Performed by Shasta Ellenbogen. @Sonic 3.0, Kopenhagen
Reheasing my piece "message II" for Viola Solo with Shasta Ellenbogen at the The Royal Danish Academy of Music! ;) Video of the premiere: Photos by Sylvia Hinz
... discussing string techniques for my piece "obscured light" (for bass recorder, violin and violoncello) with XelmYa! Premiere: Photos by Sylvia Hinz - Recorder
Next week! Two of my new works are going to be premiered at Sonic Festival Kopenhagen! Looking forward to listening to XelmYa and Shasta Ellenbogen! .
Mobile Uploads
Vi hänger i Köpenhamn! Välkomna! — with Sylvia Hinz and 30 others.
XelmYa rehearsing my new piece "obscured light", which will be premiered at Sonic Festival 3.0 "Ritualistic Soundscapes" in September! -
After the concert with XelmYa! With Eckart Beinke and Violeta Dinescu! -
Concert at Kultursommer Oldenburg, Germany! Many thanks to Sylvia Hinz - Recorder and XelmYa for the performance of my piece "... ins Dunkel geschlagen"!
Tomorrow: Live-Stream from UK, including the world premiere of my piece "message" for Viola Solo ... & more premieres/pieces by Benjamin Graves, Frederic Rzewski, Luciano Berio, Darren Bloom, Jay Capperauld and Marc Yeats - Composer! Performers: Stephen Upshaw (Viola) and Callie Hough (Percussion). Tune in!!! Start: 7.30 p.m., complete program:
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My piece "... ins Dunkel geschlagen" will be performed again - July 27th at the Kultursommer Oldenburg, Germany! Together with pieces of Stefan Lienenkämper, Tania Sikelianou, Martin Gaughan, Makiko Nishikaze, and others.

Flashback: Very early music of John Strieder, Composer/Artist. <> - with John Strieder
2014-E24PL format: 30x50 mixed media on canvas
2014-ZAH0S format: 70x80 mixed media on canvas
fbthumb John Strieder.composer.artist @ Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany Photo by Sylvia Hinz
Me on "Composers Circle" ;)
John Strieder on Composers Circle
April 3, 2014 - John Strieder is a composer and artist from Germany. The music he writes, exclusively depicts inner processes, being an expression of emotional, intellectual and philosophical content, conveyed just through his music itself – which has its origin in both the european modern...
... the other day ... after the premiere of my piece "to abandon oneself" ;) ... -
... HD Video from my latest premiere: "to abandon oneself" (2014) performed by Umbratono Ensamble at FONOTECA NACIONAL DE MÉXICO! ...
John Strieder - to abandon oneself My latest premiere: "to abandon oneself" (2014) for Rec...
My piece "beyond life and death", inspired by War From A Harlots Mouth' "The Black Lodge", followed by their "To The Villains" \m/ - with John Strieder
... working on new paintings ... photo by Sylvia Hinz
(Listen: ) Premiere of my latest piece "to abandon oneself" (2014) @ FONOTECA NACIONAL DE MÉXICO! Thanks to Sylvia Hinz and the Umbratono Ensamble! -
... the other day ;-) ... rehearsing the fantastic "to abandon oneself" by John Strieder.composer.artist ... with Napalm Death ... photo (c) Magma Studios — with Sylvia Hinz and 3 others in Mexico City, Mexico.
My miniature "Misterioso" premiered at BKA Berlin. Thanks to Stefan Schulzki for his great performance!
Misterioso (Albumblatt) for Piano Premiered by Stefan Schulzki at BKA Berlin, January 28, 2014....