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Awesome gathering at Goldsmiths! From left to right: Claire (percussion), Dorone Paris (composer), Heidi (soprano), John (bystander), Sylvia (recorder), Sioban (percussion), Inma (dancer) ... They totally shattered the walls of this place! Photo: Martin Gaughan with Siobhan's cell
Un filmato che presenta altri lavori della serie "Limbico". La musica è di John Strieder, Composer/Artist.
Francesco D'Adamo - Limbico
Limbico, a collection of works from painter Francesco D'Adamo. Music by John Strieder - Respiratio "Oscura e profonda era e nebulosa tanto che, per ficcar lo...
... Video of the premiere of my piece "Streichtrio" (String Trio) performed by zero theorem!
John Strieder - Streichtrio (performed by zero theorem)­.composer.artist The premiere of "Streichtrio" (2009) for Violin, Viola and Violoncello. Performed by zero theorem: Minsi Yang...
Sonic Coast [5] live (including the world premiere of my string trio) broadcast from Beaminster School with 'zero theorem' String quartet will begin at 7.30pm UTC tonight. Click on PLAY to activate the stream! Programme: Simon Cummings [UK] String Quartet Fragment | 2 minutes. John Strieder [DE] Streichtrio | for violin, viola and violoncello | 4 minutes | WP Steve Kilpatrick [UK] Bempton Cliffs | String Quartet | 8 minutes Aaron Holloway-Nahum [US] Le campane che svaniscono | Violin solo | 8 minutes Ben Graves [UK] Nocturne for solo viola | 5 minutes Darren Bloom [US] Duo for 2 violins | 4 minutes Mic Spenser [UK] Quartet | 6 minutes Aaron Holloway-Hahum [US] ‘for reasons perhaps to do with sorrow’ | violoncello solo | 8 minutes Marc Yeats [UK] from manuscripts of moving song | string quartet | 18 minutes | WP
DIVAcontemporary - DIVAcontemporary is an artist-led organisation committed to creativity and experimentation in the arts and practice-based research, working internationally, nationally and locally.
2014-S2CQI format: 40x60 mixed media on canvas -
"No. Just. No." ... Thanks to Gear Gods for the support!!! \m/ <<[...] DiSalvo and Smith’s band, who are named Coma Cluster Void by the way (no relation to Candiria), are pretty damn good. And the extended-range manifest destiny has been fully realized. Win/win.>> - with Amok, John Strieder, Composer/Artist, Sylvia Hinz - Recorder
Goddamnit, There's Now a 10-String Guitar Band (and They're Awesome) - GearGods
I thought we were done with the extended range vitriol but I bet this brews up a whole new pot.
"This has to stop!" ... Thanks to Metal Injection for the support!!! \m/ - with John Strieder, Composer/Artist, Sylvia Hinz - Recorder, Amok, Mike DiSalvo and Will Smith
"This is getting ridiculous!" ... big surprise for us on! - Thanks for the support! \m/ <> - with John Strieder / John Strieder, Composer/Artist, Sylvia Hinz / Sylvia Hinz - Recorder, Amok, Mike DiSalvo and Will Smith
Video of the performance of my "Albumblätter" for Piano by Eliza McCarthy at the "Occupy The Pianos" Festival, June 2014! - with John Strieder and Eliza McCarthy and Amok Retsulk Diov
John Strieder - Albumblätter (performed by Eliza McCarthy)
Albumblätter for Piano: Grave, Misterioso, Mesto, Marcato. Performed by Eliza McCarthy at the "Occupy The Pianos" Festival, UK. Full Programme: Jonathan Harv...
2014-IS5Y1 format: 30x40 mixed media on canvas
2014-IS5Y1 format: 30x40 mixed media on canvas
New Release: INKARNA - Reflections! Mixing and Mastering by Magma Studios. Intro composed and performed by John Strieder, Composer/Artist. Full EP "Helios" will be out 17th January 2015! \m/ - with Amok Retsulk Diov
Inkarna - Reflections (Official Video)
The first song, 'Reflections' off of our second EP, 'Helios', which will be out 17th January 2015! We hope you like it! Tell us what you think. Contact us at...
into darkness ... John Strieder, Composer/Artist
John Strieder - obscured light "obscured light" for Bass Recorder, Violin and Violoncello, performed by XelmYa (Sylvia Hinz, Alexa Re...
Review of my "4 erloschene Bilder" for Guitar Solo at! - - with John Strieder and Carlos Eduardo Bojarski
This Week’s Tracks
This evening, the tracks are from Germany, or else about that country. To begin with, a set of “Vier Erloschene Bilder” by a young experimental-minded composer in Berlin, John Strieder – a quadripa...
Thanks for 666 likes at John Strieder, Composer/Artist ! \m/ -
John Strieder, Composer/Artist - "sunken contour" for Great Bass Recorder and Piano. -
HD Video from my latest premiere: "obscured light" (2014), performed by XelmYa at Sonic Festival 3.0! - with John Strieder and Sylvia Hinz ( Sylvia Hinz - Recorder ).
John Strieder - obscured light "obscured light" for Bass Recorder, Violin and Violoncello. Video of the premiere at Sonic 3.0 Festiva...
... after the premiere of my piece "obscured light" (2014) - video soon! ;) ... photo by Kaj Duncan David
HD Video from my latest premiere: "message II" (2014), performed by Shasta Ellenbogen at Sonic Festival - with John Strieder
John Strieder - message II My latest premiere: "message II" (2014) for Viola Solo. Performed by Shasta Ellenbogen. @Sonic 3.0, Kopenhagen
Reheasing my piece "message II" for Viola Solo with Shasta Ellenbogen at the The Royal Danish Academy of Music! ;) Video of the premiere: Photos by Sylvia Hinz
... discussing string techniques for my piece "obscured light" (for bass recorder, violin and violoncello) with XelmYa! Premiere: Photos by Sylvia Hinz - Recorder
Next week! Two of my new works are going to be premiered at Sonic Festival Kopenhagen! Looking forward to listening to XelmYa and Shasta Ellenbogen! .
Vi hänger i Köpenhamn! Välkomna!
by John Strieder, Composer/Artist
War From A Harlots Mouth - Beyond Life And Death
The world's first colaboration between Contemporary Music and Math Metal.
XelmYa rehearsing my new piece "obscured light", which will be premiered at Sonic Festival 3.0 "Ritualistic Soundscapes" in September! -
... by the way: XelmYa is going to be "ensemble in residence" at Sonic Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark, september 10th to 13th ... performing new works by Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir, Andreas Dzialocha, G. Karel Másson, Patrik Jarlestam, John Strieder, Composer/Artist, ... .
Trio XelmYa DE
XelmYa ( Alexa Renger - violin, Sylvia Hinz - recorder, Ehrengard von Gemmingen - violoncello ) was founded in 2008. One of their goals: to push, foster and develop the instrumentation of the baroque...
... more great music for Syl'Cor: "sunken contour" by John Strieder.composer.artist! thank you ;-) ...
Great news: My miniature piece "inked into silence" will be performed by the dissonArt ensemble at the 48th Dimitria Festival of Thessaloníki, Greece.
Dear all, We thank you all for submitting your works to the dissonArt ensemble Collaborative Miniature Project Call for Scores. Your participation has exceeded our expectations, as we have received more than 250 submissions, in total, from all over the globe. The selection process has been very difficult, due to the high quality of the submitted works. After long reading sessions and careful deliberations, the dissonart ensemble are npw announcing their final decision for the 111 miniatures that will be performed at the 48th Dimitria Festival concert on October 14th, 2013. The names of the composers, in alphabetical order, and the titles of the miniatures read as follows: 1. Abbasi, Anahita (Iran) - Distorted Attitudes 2. Adams, Jeremy (U.S.A.) – Cutter Times 3. Anatrini, Alessandro (Italy) – Yajna 4. Andreou, Thanos (Greece) – Ipsenol 5. Anissegos, Antonis (Greece) – o 6. Aragón, Jared (U.S.A.) – Monument 7. Baggio, Rodrigo (Brazil) – Echoes in the Empty Rooms 8. Bezevegkis, Vasilis (Greece) - ex nihilo 9. Bisshops, Merijn (Netherlands) – RUMINATION 10. Boukouvalas, Dionysis (Greece) – Etude 11. Bourdeau, Joseph (U.S.A.) – Cold 12. Buckett, Austin (Australia) – Dead Machines 13. Calvano, Miguel (Brazil) – Opusena 14. Campbell, Daniel (Canada) – LIYV 15. Casablancas, Benet (Spain) – HAIKU 16. Çerkezoğlu Uğur (Turkey) – IMPRESSIONS 17. Chafta Douka, Faidra (Greece) – not moving 18. Charos, Philip (U.S.A.) – Σκουλικομερμηγκότρυπα 19. Codina, Marc (Spain) – frame 20. Costanza, Federico (Italy) - How can a flying cat be killed by a pigeon in Venice 21. Dangerfield, Joseph (U.S.A.) - Essence (blue whisp) 22. Di Maggio, Dan (Italy) - APOPHENIC 1 23. Driscoll, Rebekah (U.S.A.) - Fixtures 24. Economou, Dimitris (Greece) - 30'' seconds of October 25. Ekmektsogou, Manolis (Greece) – ΚΑΘΟΔΟΣ 26. Enescu, Raluca (Romania) – pissoffArt 27. Evanoff, Ray (U.S.A.) – a conjunct series of interpolations 28. Feeney, Todd (U.S.A.) - VBc Duet 29. Feliz, Juro Kim (Philippines) – Sa Kanyang Munting Paghakbang (In her Baby Steps) 30. Frederik, Ian (Colombia) – Expresso 31. Garin, Didier Marc (France) - Les plâtres confus 32. Georgiadis, Alexandros (Greece) - mini-@-tour 33. Ghikas, Panos (Greece) - Double Leopardy 34. Giles, Vincent (Australia) – Abandoned Space: A Portrait Miniature 35. Gioti, Artemi-Maria (Greece) – Dis 36. Gonzalo, Gimenez (Argentina) – Miniatura III 37. Hadjileontiadis, Leontios (Greece) – Monotonia 3” 38. Hagen, Javier (Spain) – collapse 39. Hamilton, Sean (U.S.A.) – Gears 40. Hancock, Susanna (U.S.A.) - split second recollection 41. Herran, Alvaro (Colombia) – LETHE 42. Hettne, Jenny (Sweden) - Chennai lament 43. Hong, Sungji (Korea) – SUSURRANT 44. Kai, Jun-K (South Korea) – Byuri 45. Karantzis, Nectarios (Greece) – CUTE PAT 46. Katidou, Christina (Greece) – M1 47. Kerschbaumer, Hannes (Austria) – pandora fragment 48. Kesikli, Egemen (Turkey) - Blue & Gray 49. Kittos, Haris (Greece) – boxtreat 50. Kyriakakis, Giorgos (Greece) – ringtone 51. Langford, Mark (New Zeeland) – Fragments I 52. Lapidakis, Michalis (Greece) - DREAM IN EMPTY SPACE 53. Larrain, Daniel (Canada) - Returned Message 54. Lee, Eun Young (Korea) – GoSung 55. Lee, Hye Kyung (Korea) – No-ri 56. Lee, Ui-Kyung (Korea) - 57. Longo, Marco (Italy) – microchaosmos 58. Macedo, Joaquín (Argentina) – INTERRUPTED SLEEP 59. Maggio, Francesco (Italy) – GEITONIA 60. Markovic, Djordje (Serbia) – appeasement 61. Maronidis, Dimitris (Greece) – Kimigayo 62. Mason, Spike (Tasmania) - The Taboggan Ride 63. Mayer – Spohn, Ulrike (Switzerland) – “M” 64. Mercado, Germán (Argentina) – Ka II 65. Monet, Hernán (Argentina) – Sol negro 66. Mpampasidou, Rafailia (Greece) – fisherman 67. Muschenich, Markus (Germany) - Wendepunkt, Novelle 68. Nicolaou, Vassos (Cyprus) – Áchata 69. Özdemir, Berk (Turkey) - MISSING NO -2- 70. Papadimitriou, Lefteris (Greece) - Wheel 71. Papadopoulos, Ioannis (Greece) – Flashback 72. Papageorgiou, Dimitri (Greece) - through tacit cracks 73. Papara, Michał Jakub (Poland) - THE BROKEN DREAM IN BLUE 74. Paul, Ioannis (Greece) – Enter Life 75. Pecin, Paolo (Italy) - Settling noises 76. Pelisch, Valentín (Argentina) – trash can 77. Pierson, Kala (U.S.A.) - Thread Song 78. Porfiriadis, Alexis (Greece) – Dissabandoned 79. Pressley, Richard (U.S.A.) – αγκάθι 80. Ralli, Eleni (Greece) – Miniature G* 81. Rappos – Nasioutzik, Varavvas (Greece) – ζώμινθος 82. Rouvelas, Antonis (Greece) - M/I/1 83. Rowan, Kyle (U.S.A.) – Tuesday morning 84. Saleri, Mauro (Italy) - CRUMBLING FACES 85. Sanchez Garcia - Manuel J. (Spain) – minimum 86. Sean, Harold (U.S.A.) - But Few Thy Voice 87. Sebastián, Mendoza Joaquin (Spain) - I was playing with my Phd... ...then accidentally killed it... 88. Seglias, Zesses (Greece) – Aposynthesis -five secrets for dissonArt ensemble- 89. Sehyung, Kim (Kazakhstan) – SIJO_150913 90. Silva, Ricardo (Chile) – Tonus 91. Sisiki, Elena (Greece) – Opseis 92. Skordis, Andys (Cyprus) - "yellow..." 93. Sleeper, Hana (U.S.A.) – Fun at Sea 94. Sleeper, Thomas (U.S.A.) - "...this is the way the world ends..." 95. Smite, Gundega (Latvia) – (di)visions 96. Smith, Michael (U.S.A.) – Coil 97. Strieder, John (Germany) - "inked into silence" 98. Strootman, Aart (Netherlands) - Hendrix knows best 99. Szczech, Cathy (U.S.A.) – NICHT ZU NAHE 100. Tam, Ka Shu (China) - Sudden Moment in a Stripe of Memory 101. Tasoudis, Dimitris (Greece) - I 've tried 102. Tenaglia, Luis Alberto (Argentina) - Relaciones contextuales 103. Torkelson, Adam (U.S.A.) – Capriccio de Orpheus 104. Toufektsis, Orestis (Greece) – diminution for dissonart 105. Tukhanen, Timo (Finland) - Tenderness's Forever 106. Valadão, Danilo (Brazil) - A Compositional Study - Over motion and mass behavior 107. Valette, Iossif (Greece) - Kyttara 108. Vazquez Salvagno, Jorge Diego (Argentina) – ata II 109. Viana, Andersen (Brazil) - MICRO PIECES 110. White, Justin (U.S.A.) - Messenger 111. Wrenn, Alison (U.K.) – Irony warm regards ensemble dissonArt
Endlich! Das Debut-Album von Indifferent Magma (Sven Ludwig & John Strieder.composer.artist) ist draussen ... laut Mathcore Index ein "savant blend of modern classical, math/abstract/art metal grindcore, microtonal, Soundscape and Patterns, dissonant and contemporary elements! Seriously some fascinating and extremely well done experimentation there ..." - viel Spass!